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Personal Training Services
Boxing Instruction

1 on 1 Fitness Guidance

Personal Training: Prescribed Exercise - A Holistic approach for sustainable results

Have your specific fitness needs met with Yvette's intuitive and personal approach to exercise prescription. No matter what is your starting point now, there is always the next best step to get you closer to feeling good immediately.  

Together with Yvette you will devise a realistic workout plan that works within your time and financial considerations. You already have all that you need to get started: One body = many options. No gym membership required. Yvette will show you exactly how to use the room in your home or condo as your own personal platform for building a better body and mind. The ultimate key to your  success is found in a reasonable and sustainable program designed exactly for you. 

For all your boxing needs, click on "learn more" below and let's meet there for private instruction and the most invigorating workout on the planet! 


Workout from Home

One body = Many options