An introductory boxing clinic for those with little experience who want to incorporate effective and safe boxing drills into your existing workout routine!

Host this workshop in your facility for your trainers!

Boxing Training 4 Fitness is A HIT !
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Meet Yvette,
Your Teacher (and Champion Boxer)
with over 20 years instructing Boxing 4 Fitness!


Fitness, Mental Health and Stress Management ​

are valued NOW more than ever !


Are you looking for ways to feel connected & empowered while getting fit?


Why not learn about the best workout on the planet ?

Boxing Training 4 Fitness 

Delivers results while adding excitement to workouts!

For trainers, when you offer this kind of incredible value & variety to your services, your clients will remember you forever as the person who introduced them to boxing training!

Sound Familiar?

You catch a glance of that heavy bag at the gym and it sparks something inside of you, but, you don't know how to use it properly. 

You feel too embarrassed to practice in front of others. You don't want to look foolish because you're not sure what you are doing. 

So you don't try. And the heavy bag just hangs there, unused. 

It's time to take your boxing knowledge seriously! 


Why this Clinic?

  • Be an industry leader! Clients want safe boxing training as part of their overall fitness experience and there is a shortage of quality instruction for the demand.

  • When introduced properly, boxing movements are engaging, empowering and exciting > do you want to feel all of this right now?

  • Build your body but also stimulate your mind by developing a level of focus, discipline and self-awareness that carries over into your every day life. 

  • Training like a boxer builds confidence and releases stress immediately which is highly addictive and will keep you or your clients connected to workouts and coming back for more!

  • The gap between boxing 4 fitness & proper boxing technique NEEDS TO BE BRIDGED on a global scale, so why not be a part of the solution?

  • Learn in a real deal, old skool, stunning hardcore boxing club from a former fighter and veteran personal trainer who has devoted decades of her life to the sweet science for fitness!

Because there is NOTHING ELSE like this out there!

Past Boxing 4 Fitness Clinics

Feedback from past clinics!


"Boxing 4 Fitness Clinic" is for...

  • Trainers looking to add value and variety to their services 

  • Beginner's who have some experience with boxing training or none at all, and want to learn proper form for more effective execution

  • Fitness enthusiasts wanting to take their workouts to the next level

  • Athlete's wanting to cross-train for conditioning 

  • Anybody curious about boxing and interested in understanding more about the tactics & techniques to appreciate the sport itself 

Tale of the Tape!

DATE: TBA or ask about customizing this clinic for your facility & trainers!



Hardknocks Boxing Club

156 Bathurst St, Toronto

or location of your choice.


  • Introduction 

  • Discussion on safety, proper technique

  • Boxing language & Lingo 

  • Instruction & Demonstration >Break<

  • Practical Application 

  • Program Design 

  • Future Pacing 

  • Q & A

  • Photo Op for your social media


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What Can This Clinic Do For You?

  • Learn how to talk about boxing training (using proper terminology) and how this type of exercise will benefit your mind & body while adding variety to your fitness routine

  • Teach you how to successfully implement boxing training for 2 on1 sessions! ( so many couples want to box together)

  • Teach you how to wrap hands, hold pads, instruct footwork and punch > properly, safely and effectively

  • Instruct you how to implement basic techniques BEFORE introducing complex combos into the mix.

  • Gain credibility by learning directly from an accomplished and respected Professional

  • Be way more confident when teaching or practicing A) stance and balance B) footwork        C) jab D) cross E) slips and holding pads/paddles F) partner work.

  • Reinforce the importance of ambidextrous training and how to do it!! ( not enough trainers offer this).

  • Learn the numbers method of teaching and practicing.

  • Takeaway -  5 different combos that you can build into your routine or with your clients immediately, which is sure to keep you and your clients motivated to come back for more!

  • Add more tools to your toolbox so you can retain clients who are asking for boxing training!

  • Increase your ring IQ = learn about the sport, tactics, rules, regulations, history, philosophy, psychology and whatever other bits that help you appreciate the sweet sweet science!

Commonly asked Questions/Concerns:

I don't want to be punched! Don't worry. This is purely a non-contact clinic and we will teach you how to train and teach like a boxer, without the contact. 

Will equipment be provided? What should I bring?

Yes, wraps and gloves will be provided. Bring your own if you have. 

Also bring; water, indoor shoes ( different than the shoes you wear in from outside), snacks. 

Will I receive a certification for this course?

Unfortunately not yet. We're working on that. Otherwise, the knowledge and confidence you will gain form this experience is absolutely invaluable. 

Are there change rooms and do I need to bring a lock?

There are 2 separate changerooms with benches and showers + lockers in the common area. It will only be our group in the space so you can keep your belongings close to you.

Do I need any boxing experience to benefit from this program? 

No previous experience is necessary although having some experience in other sports or martial arts is helpful. 

Will we be working out the whole time? 

No, there will be plenty of instruction on technique and discussion about program design specific to fitness although you will certainly get you workout in for the day!  You can hit and practice the techniques as hard as you want to in class, it will certainly be the appropriate time and place to do so:-) 

What are Covid Protocols?

We will be following all current public health regulations at that time.


Location: Hardknocks Boxing Club
156 Bathurst St

Parking: FREE if you are lucky to find a spot on the side street immediately south of the gym off Bathurst.
Green P Street Parking all along Queen or Adelaide. 
TTC: easy access by streetcar



to customize this workshop for your facility /trainers