Add to your personal fitness routine OR diversify the services you offer as a personal trainer with this boxing 4 fitness workshop hosted by Yvette Raposo with her 20 years experience teaching plus special guest: a Professional boxer in training camp TBA. 


Right now in the fitness industry across major metropolitan cities in North America boxing training has become trendy (again) with boxing infused and inspired classes. All for good reason, because it’s simply the most well rounded feel good head to toe workout ever!


YOU will leave with a better understanding of how to organize your own boxing workout program from beginning to end so that you are confident with what you are doing and feel like a champ both inside and outside the gym! 


  • Hit the heavy bag with confidence, because now you know how to

  • Learn the proper technique to improve the quality & safety of your workout

  • Receive your own personal adjustments on form & tips to improve moving forward 

  • talk about boxing beyond what it looks like, but now based on what it feels like


Together we will walk and talk through an example 1 hour class using a general template that will combine all the lessons learned above. Included in this plan with being some callisthenics, partner work and heavy bag drills which you can practise on your own. 

Train like a Boxer - Live as a Champ.

Only 10 spots available means more attention to your needs and a better learning experience. THIS IS A NON CONTACT BOXING EXPERIENCE. RECEIVE ALL THE BENEFITS WITHOUT THE HITS:-) This workshop happens only 4 times per year with Level 2 in the works. All equipment provided.

Upcoming Events

Workshop 1

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

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