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Life is like a Boxing match.

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The legacy we leave behind is comprised of many small calculated moves just like in any classic #boxing match with a good game plan.

Life is like a Boxing match; it could be beautiful and tragic, graceful and brutal, poetic and a jumbled mess of chaos all at the same time.

The analogies found in this message helps you to appreciate the wisdom of this sport as it relates to your own life and legacy. A fighter needs to learn proper tactics and techniques to prepare for a specific opponent - a desired outcome: to beat and not be beaten. So how can we think more proactive like a boxer to act less like a victim and lead a more fulfilled life?

There is a Universal truth found in combat sport which reflects that part of being human that we can all relate to. We all experience feelings of fear the same way when facing times of adversity or uncertainty yet the difference that makes the difference is what we do with that fear.

Right now, people want to wake up that fighter who resides within. They want to feel the same hope, strength and confidence that any great boxer possesses by building themselves first before they can truly understand their own legacy and grander place in this World.

A former fighter and Ontario Champion, Yvette's legacy is as a boxing entrepreneur, teacher and speaker to the benefits of boxing training used as a life-learning tool. 22 years and half her life has been dedicated to understanding this sport and how it relates to #life. Her message packs a punch: hands up - and down! 

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