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Predictions for the Fitness and Wellness industries in 2023 and what that means for you!

I have spent my whole adult life and career as an entrepreneur and Holistic Personal Trainer, paying attention to trends in the industry, what sticks and what people actually need and use. This list below is based specifically on what I have observed as a trainer and keynote speaker in 2022.

1. More in-home personal training ( virtual or in person):

~ people have set up their living space with a dedicated workout space by now, and they realize that they can maximize their workouts and their time by bringing in a professional!

~ personal training services are regarded as a pro- active approach for ; longer living, better quality of life, staying off meds and so much more. Good trainers are respected and sought after more than ever partly because people are more willing to invest in their health and realize the benefits to maintaining strength and mobility as a lifestyle.

2. Fitness facilities that offer more than just weights but also wellness, will thrive!

~ ( besides the person above in #1) There is a slew of people wanting the vibe of the gym back, to feel the energy of people working out around them and to be supported with recovery resources like access to a Thera gun, meditation pod, steam room/ sauna and other classes that focus on recovery

(see #3).

3) The Eldoa Method!

- just trust me on this one.

Read more below and meet my Eldoa teacher, Petra Baethmann who will be guest teaching at the Find Your Fighter Within Retreat in March!

4) Working out for Mental Health.

~ we will start to hear the narrative change in exercise circles from talking about BMI’s ( body mass index) to celebrating the immediate mental health benefits of movement. We will see specific fitness classes emerge that actually have a therapeutic/ emotional focus to them: kind of like a walk and talk combo to process thoughts while moving energy.

~ I also see a place for fitness experiences without devices, including your own personal workout. It’s actually going to become cool to leave your phone in your locker while you workout.

It has been a game changer for me this year with no going back.

We are overly connected and conditioned more and more to be attached to our devices for tracking progress using apps and data, which can actually cause more anxiety and defeat the purpose of working out for mental health benefits.

This also means we are moving further and further away from being able to intuitively read our own bodies responses to exercise. Although there is an important place for technology in our wellness journey, we can't forget to tap into our own wisdom which always waits patiently for us to pay attention and listen~ without being 'hooked up' to a device.

5) Measuring progress in the gym not by numbers on the scale but by abilities achieved.

~ this topic deserves a dedicated post.

6) Fitness approaches, language, representation and access being more diverse and accessible.

~it's about time.

7) More corporate team-building experiences that involve fitness / wellness ( like a boxing class for example).

~ companies are looking for ways to keep their employees connected and engaged ( and in some cases meeting each other for the first time). By giving them a good reason to get out that also promises to be unique and fun, employees can feel like their time is well spent when memories are being made.

8) Retreats!

- this made the list not just because I am hosting one in March 2023.

In fact, I am hosting a retreat, because people are ready for this type of (local) travel that involves community and personal development all in one experience!

Click on the link below to learn more about this exquisite and exciting retreat experience at BRAND NEW BLOOM!

Take note, prices are increasing

December 31 @ 6pm,

just a few days away.

So, as much as these are my predictions, they are also my hopes first and foremost. I guess you can say I’m “putting it out there”, for all of us to thrive the best we can in 2023, with the resources available to us.

Bye bye 2022.

Welcome in 2023!

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