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Why work with a personal trainer?

Learn proper workout form

Learning the proper form is key to reaching your fitness and/or lifting goals. Allow a personal trainer to demonstrate and teach you do perform various exercises the right way.

Receive a personalized training plan

Because we are all made differently, have varying levels of fitness and experience, a training approach has to be considered specifically for you, so you can maximize results. 

Reduce risk of injury

Discovering how to perform various exercises properly can not only improve results, but it can also reduce the risk of short- and long-term injuries associated with fitness and strength training. 

Burn fat and/or gain muscle

Personal training programs can be created to meet your specific needs. The sessions can focus on burning fat, losing weight, gaining muscle and much, much more. 

See results from workouts sooner

Because a certified personal trainer will teach you how to get the most out of your work outs, keeping you on track and providing the much needed accountability, results typically come sooner.

Overcome fitness plateaus

An experienced personal trainer can certainly help avoid workout or weight loss plateaus so commonly encountered by gym goers who try to do it on their own. 

Receive accountability 

A private personal trainer will educate, help avoid pitfalls and motivate when it's needed most. Accountability often makes the difference between success and failure. 

Improve overall fitness

Working out with the help of a personal trainer can lead to greater consistency and motivation. As a result, people work harder during workouts, leading to improved fitness. 

Get motivated & become challenged

A personal trainer can motivate by providing words of encouragement that we all need from time to time. Challenges test the body and the mind, making us stronger all around. 

Gain consistency in workouts

Working with a personal trainer can help avoid missed workout sessions, producing the desired results in the long-term. 

Obtain help in setting realistic goals

When working out, setting goals is important. Setting realistic goals is even more so. Allow a personal trainer to set the workout pace that is right for you.

Improve how you look & feel

After consistently working out with a personal trainer and fitness expert, you can certainly improve the way you look and feel while reaching your fitness or strength training goals.  

Boost confidence

With better fitness, boosted energy, greater stamina, increased strength, improved mood and so much more, it is easy to see why working with a personal trainer enhances confidence. 

Learn tips & tricks of effective training

Through years of experience in the fitness industry, a personal trainer can provide a wealth of information designed to help you maximize your performance and reach your goals.

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Angella DeMedeiros

I never looked or felt better than when I trained with Yvette. Workouts were well paced and Yvette was a great motivator with her words of encouragement. Highly recommend.

Eugene Draw 

Yvette Raposo has changed the way that I train and calibrate my body. It started with body conditioning through boxing but then became so much more. 

Elizabeth Pizzinato 

She is a life coach, a motivational trainer, a deeply caring person and a trusted guide. Every session with Yvette makes me holistically stronger, wiser and better. I am so grateful to have Yvette in my life!

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get mentally fit!
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Train for life with Yvette at this beautiful location walking distance to the St Clair West subway station in Toronto! Get the attention you deserve and the results you are looking for ~ strength is the key to overall health. Get started now.

Let a high level athlete, former boxing Champion, female personal training & mindset coach from Toronto, help you define what fitness means for you!

With a warm, uplifting personality, Yvette puts you at ease when addressing your unique fitness goals while devising an individualized action plan.


Being an athlete and active for so many years, Yvette appreciates the science that supports proper recovery time in between workouts and she emphasizes injury prevention through proper movement practices. She takes immense pride in her holistic approach to exercise prescription, so be prepared to get serious about yourself with Yvette's help!

Your fitness is her business!

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