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Ring Announcing

Boxing Ring Announcer & Keynote Speaker Success Story

Professional Female Boxing Ring Announcer


As one of the first and most consistent professional female boxing ring announcers in Canada, Yvette Raposo takes pride centre ring where she represents her sport and, at the same time, inspire others to carve out their careers.

Without a guidebook to reference, and few, if any, women’s footsteps in which to follow, Yvette saw an opportunity to step through the ropes to become a ring announcer.


In doing so, she helped to pave the way for others, demonstrating that women, too, can become skilled and successful boxing ring announcers.


Yvette adds a touch of class, a wealth of knowledge and plenty of passion to every night at the fights.


Over the years, Yvette studied her craft by taking storytelling courses, improv classes and voice lessons to add to her 20 years worth of studying the sport of boxing and the art of ring announcing.

By attending many fight shows across the continent and taking part in 3 International Boxing Conventions, Yvette is as well rounded and knowledgable about boxing as they come.


Boxing Ring Announcer, Yvette Raposo, In Action

Yvette Raposo: Boxer & Boxing Ring Announcer

Journey In The World Of Boxing

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