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Be an Industry Leader by Bringing Boxing Analogies into the Boardroom !

Meet Yvette, your facilitator
with over 20 years of teaching & facilitating groups
using boxing movement & mindset techniques.






  • Be an industry leader!

People are curious about boxing training and are craving an outlet to release stress.

  • Provide your members with this awesome and exciting opportunity to learn from an expert!

  • Boxing concepts, strategy and movements are incredibly engaging, empowering, and exciting, and people want to be feeling this right now.

  • Connect your team members & coworkers immediately at a deeper level by participating in partner drills which require a form a communication like nothing else.

*This session can be designed as a lecture format or as a get up and lightly move session.

Our Services


1 hour 

in office 

team building session

Join former competitor and boxing champion, Yvette Raposo, for this 1 hour non-contact boxing movement and mindset session to stimulate your brain and wake up your body.

We will begin with a discussion on how a fighter's mindset can be applied to every day living and well being. For the remainder of the session, we will clear space to get up and move: Yvette will teach a few fundamental movements, including proper form to get into your fighter's stance. All fitness levels are welcome and no equipment is necessary. Oh and, there will be giggling! Your team will leave this session feeling empowered, excited and enlightened. 


1/2 day in office 

or off site interactive team building movement & mindset session

There are many reasons why people love boxing training : stress release, self-defense, confidence boost, developing focus and a champion mindset.

In this 3 hour session, Yvette will thoroughly demonstrate & facilitate light movement drills for the purpose of your team connecting and communicating like never before.

 Learning new skills in a supportive environment and non-judgmental space always brings out the best in people. 

There will be ample time and space to analyze the concepts used inside the gym that transforms chumps into Champions!


45 minute

Motivational Speech

Bringing boxing analogies into the boardroom to uplift your team and provide a fresh perspective on what is possible when we have personal and professional goals while elevating others and working well together!

This is the ultimate pump up session! Yvette's dynamic personality and infectious energy are the perfect doses of positivity and enthusiasm that your office vibe will thrive off long after the final bell has rung.

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