Meet Yvette

Boxing entrepreneur, teacher, and speaker

From ferocious fighter to passionate personal fitness trainer, Yvette has carved out a successful career in the sports world which is both interesting and impressive.

Her 20 years as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry has been a diverse journey as she has shifted roles over time from inside the gym into her clients' homes, the boardroom, the classroom and even on the radio with her own talk show.


Currently, Yvette is excited to be pursuing the role of a Professional Ring Announcer which is a very rare opportunity for any woman to have.

She is using this platform to advocate for what she is most passionate about bridging the gap
between sport and fitness, promoting the many health benefits of boxing training, and equality in
the ring of life.

Yvette is available for 1 on 1 personal training, group fitness classes, motivational speaking and
ring announcing opportunities.

My Vision

To introduce boxing training as a tool used for fitness, mental health and self-empowerment.