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Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker~ Keynote Speaker ~ Canada's First Female Boxing Ring Announcer ~ 2023 Women Empowerment Award Winner ~Corporate Trainer & Workshops~ Fitness Expert ~ Boxing Champion ~ Mindset Coach ~
Boxing Coach at University of Toronto~
Retreat Hostess

& More

My journey in the sporting & fitness industry

Remember that TV series which aired in the early 2000's called "Beyond the Glory" ?

It featured professional athlete's and their personal stories about what they needed to overcome in order to be the best at what they did.

Oh the drama and the tragedies, the injuries, losses and how about those comebacks!


As a young teenager, I was mesmerized - fascinated by human potential and the psychology of sport. Without realizing it at the time, this experience I was having in front of my television and the connection that I felt to these athletes, would shape my life forever. 

As a child I was chubby.

The ferocious athlete deep inside was brewing regardless of my body shape and self-image. Fitness changed my body but boxing became my story. When boxing found me, it all made perfect sense - sport, psychology and storytelling combined. 

While training for competition in the early 2000's and remaining undefeated at the amateur level, my choices as a female boxer were limited. Women's boxing was not an Olympic sport at that time. At the Professional level, talent was scarce and access to proper sparring was limited. Sometimes though, life makes decisions for you. Mine came in the form of a career ending injury which became the catalyst for my new journey - to share and speak about the health, personal development & psychological benefits of boxing training. 

Being an entrepreneur from a young age wasn't easy but it was necessary to carve out this unique career which required constant innovation and filling in gaps.

From teaching in gyms to speaking center stage, beyond my own glory, the story always remained the same - to inspire others through movement and educate people using references from the boxing ring.

Life is like a boxing match. Are you ready?

Yvette Raposo in the media

What's more, Yvette has been featured in the media for her groundbreaking work. She has appeared on Global News, TSN and Toronto Star, amongst others.

Yvette's Bio

Yvette’s 25 year journey within the fitness, boxing and speaking industries has been as diverse and exciting as a boxing match itself! 


A former boxing champion and award-winning speaker, Yvette has shifted roles over time from inside the gym, in front of boardrooms and classrooms, to standing center ring in sporting arenas in front of thousands. In 2018, Yvette became the first professional female boxing ring announcer in Canada, officially marking her as a trailblazer in her sport for stepping into a position traditionally held by men.


Whether she is delivering a keynote speech, leading her popular retreat “find your fighter within”, or facilitating a corporate team-building session: Yvette’s message remains consistent: “think like a fighter to live as a champion”. With a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Yvette believes that we all possess everything we need inside to feel like the Champion of our own lives. 



One of her proudest accomplishments to date, is the mentorship opportunity she currently provides for assistant coaches and students at the University of Toronto through her boxing movement & mindset program.


Just recently, Yvette was named the 2023 Women's Empowerment Award Winner under the Mentorship category for her work in motivating the youth to face the immediate future with confidence while finding their fighter within.

Yvette believes more than ever that teaching boxing movements to develop a fighter’s mindset is the key to inspiring people to lead with purpose, power and passion. 

Yvette is available for:

  • keynote speaking

  • motivational speaking at schools

  • corporate training / workshops

  • team building events

  • professional boxing ring announcing 

  • guest teach at retreats

  • 1 on 1 personal training 

Yvette Raposo Fitness Speaker Motivation

My Vision

To introduce boxing movement & mindset training as a tool used for fitness, mental health and self-empowerment.

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