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Public Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Speaker in Toronto & Beyond

Raposo Fitness Motivational Speaker Toro

Inspirational, Motivational Speaker & Storyteller

Yvette is a natural leader, motivational speaker and inspirational storyteller that paints a vivid picture like few in her industry can.


Her success as a competitive bodybuilder and champion boxer set the stage for her love of performing in front of a crowd.


Her curiosity for human potential led her to extensively study the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is based on communication skills combined with what precisely motivates people to achieve excellence.


Yvette uses this extensive and varied experience as a motivational fitness speaker at a wide range of events across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as virtually. 

Toronto Public Speaker, Yvette Raposo, In Action

Passionate, Authentic, High-Energy Public Speaking Delivery

A truly passionate, confident woman, Yvette's speaking engagements delight her varied audiences, no matter the scenario.

As a public speaker with positive energy and an authentic message, Yvette delivers speeches, presentations and workshops that entertain, inform and inspire small- and large-groups alike.


Yvette's magnetic personality and the ability to connect with audiences of all types lends itself to well-received speaking engagements, be it in the fitness and sporting industry or the corporate boardroom.


Radio Show Host, Boxing Ring Announcer & Fitness Instructor


Yvette's eclectic background allows her to showcase her speaking talents as an entertaining radio show host in Toronto, a professional boxing ring announcer and a motivational personal trainer and fitness instructor.

Contact Yvette to make a booking for her to speak at your next event. Without a doubt, it'll be the perfect punch that is sure to land the metaphorical TKO you are looking for.