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Bringing Boxing Anologies into the Boardroom!
Team-Building. Keynotes. Corporate Training.

Yvette's Keynote Speech is now A Retreat!
March 2023


Public Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Workshops, Retreats, Facilitator, Professional Boxing Ring Announcer in Toronto & Beyond

Yvette is a natural leader, motivational speaker and inspirational storyteller that paints a vivid picture like few in her industry can.


Her success as a competitive bodybuilder and champion boxer set the stage for her love of performing in front of a crowd.



Yvette uses this extensive and varied experience as a professional speaker at a wide range of events across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as virtually. 

Looking to create that special bonding

experience right now for your team & employees?



Yvette's speeches and team-building workshops will address key concepts taken from the boxing ring that can easily be applied to the boardroom, or life in general. The boxer may appear to be alone in that ring, but the highest performers and most successful professionals know very well that it takes a whole team of people to get them there.


Be ready to find your metaphorical fighter within, while also recognizing the important roles that your colleagues and team members play in your personal and professional growth. You will leave feeling genuinely appreciative of who is around you and motivated to uplift those who are in your corner and on your side.

Happy Client List!