Find Your Fighter Within. 

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Personal Trainer Toronto

Let a high level athlete, former boxing Champion and female personal training & mindset coach from Toronto, help you find your fighter within to think like a boxer and live as a CHAMP!

With her long-standing experience in the boxing for fitness and personal training industry along with a warm, uplifting personality, Yvette will certainly help you understand and reach your individual fitness goal(s).

Online & In Person Trainer

Raposo Fitness Online Personal Training
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MoveStill Classes

Movement classes to align your spine, strengthen your nervous system, energize your body and still your mind.


During this challenging time it is difficult for all of us to stay fit, healthy and social.

Enter Yvette and her online offers.


Fitness Expert Yvette Raposo: In the Media


Toronto Star

Rare role in boxing fashioned from Raposo’s love of the sport.



Raposo fashioned her love of boxing into career as rare female ring announcer.


Global News

Boxer empowers others in Ontario by breaking down barriers.

Why Work With Yvette ?


Yvette has well over 20 years of experience working across the boxing, fitness and personal training industry in a wide range of capacities.


Yvette's radiant personality and endless words of encouragement will guide you through personal training sessions & fitness classes.


Yvette will show you exactly how to use your home as your personal fitness platform to build a better body & mind, with your budget in mind.


Yvette's boundless energy and vast knowledge of various fitness training methods will go a long way in helping you reach your goals.

Why Boxing Training?


"Yvette’s commitment and passion to her craft have had an incredible impact on my health and fitness goals. She loves what she does, and genuinely cares about her clients meeting whatever objectives they set for themselves. Through her support and encouragement, I’ve managed to reach milestones that at the beginning I didn’t even realize, or at times believe, were attainable. We’re all works in progress, and Yvette has helped get me closer to being the best version of myself possible, and for that I am incredibly grateful. "