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Personal Trainer Toronto

Let a high level athlete, former boxing Champion and female personal training & mindset coach from Toronto, help you find your fighter within to think like a boxer and live as a CHAMP!

With her long-standing experience in the boxing for fitness and personal training industry along with a warm, uplifting personality, Yvette will certainly help you understand and reach your individual fitness goal(s). Being an athlete and active for so many years, Yvette empathizes with the need for recovery and emphasizes injury prevention through proper movement practices. Her fitness programs include specific postures which help align the spine, calm the nervous system, improve overall posture, and oxygenate the joints.

Your fitness is certainly her business!

Online & In Person Trainer

Raposo Fitness Online Personal Training

Why Work With Yvette ?


Yvette has well over 20 years of experience working across the boxing, fitness and personal training industry in a wide range of capacities.


Yvette's radiant personality and endless words of encouragement will guide you through personal training sessions & fitness classes.


Yvette will show you exactly how to use your home as your personal fitness platform to build a better body & mind, with your budget in mind.


Yvette's boundless energy and vast knowledge of various fitness training methods will go a long way in helping you reach your goals.

Fitness Expert Yvette Raposo: In the Media

Why Boxing Training for Fitness?
It happens to be Yvette's specialty!

Now taking new clients in person exclusively at a semi-private studio in Toronto!

Click the link below to inquire about details 

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Did you know that Yvette is also an Award Winning Storyteller?

Speaker Slam™️ is North America's Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition, where the skill of public speaking meets the thrill of competition. 

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Find Your Fighter Within

Hire Yvette to deliver her carefully crafted and dynamic workshop designed to empower and excite!

Offer something new with a different perspective.

Appropriate for school presentations and

corporate team-building.

Click the Workshop link below for details.

In The Media


Toronto Star

Rare role in boxing fashioned from Raposo’s love of the sport.



Raposo fashioned her love of boxing into career as rare female ring announcer.


Global News

Boxer empowers others in Ontario by breaking down barriers.




Yvette continually expands her knowledge through her passion for lifelong learning to bring the best to bear for her clients. She is a life coach, a motivational trainer, a deeply caring person and a trusted guide. Every session with Yvette makes me holistically stronger, wiser and better. I am so grateful to have Yvette in my life!


As a full-time active musician and someone who has had arthritic pain for most of my life, after just a few years training with Yvette my joints barely ache now, and my energy level has gone up as well. If you are looking for an amazing well rounded trainer who will make sure that you are training hard and not injuring yourself, then Raposo fitness is definitely for you.


I have been working with Yvette for years and she has a solid understanding of the fitness, health and wellness space. She is an amazing instructor who brings her "A" game every single time and inspires others to create the motivation to do more.

Alex Baker

Yvette instills discipline and self-confidence in her clients. She's an excellent teacher and motivator.


Yvette is an excellent trainer and guide. She is a wealth of knowledge, friendly and helpful. She is always learning, which she passes on to her clients.

Sherry Pearson





You have made this time in isolation so much better, so much easier and bearable!!  Your kindness, your generosity, your inspiration and sincerity are all appreciated more than you may know.  Thank you for helping to bring much needed fitness back into my life. Thank you my friend. xoxo