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Have 5 mins between calls? Here are 7 suggestions to break up your day & break away from the screen.

Being at home for most of us means that we have picked up some habits during this time of transition and sometimes chaos. Sitting behind the computer for longer periods of time, chronic bad posture turning into structural in-balances leading to pain, headaches, frustration and despair. Emotional tension is high, mental health is at risk and our relationships are suffering, including the relationship with ourselves.

Here are 7 quick and easy ways to break up your day, add a little light and fun into your schedule and give your eyes a well deserved break from the screen:

Have 5 minutes between calls?? Try these:

  • 1) Get up, wash your hands and floss your teeth!! Chances are if you are like me, you haven't flossed enough lately? This is something quick and easy, gives you a break from the computer and feels good to do something good for your health

  • 2) Have a plant?? Water your plant. touch it. talk to it!!! I'm serious. This will release dopamine and other feel good hormones plus you'll get a load off your chest by telling your plant what you really wanted to say to your boss or roommate.

  • 3) Grab a random book off your book case which might even be in another room which is an extra bonus. Open to a random page and read 2 or 3 paragraphs. Imagine that whatever you read was exactly what you needed to know in that moment and it's a great way to shift your state to something different even if just for 5 minutes. ( Extra bonus are the leaflets, bookmarks, or travel tickets that you might find holding your place from 2 or more years ago which triggers nostalgia)

  • 4) Do you have precious stones lying around? Or a jade roller massager? (everyone has one of these lying around right?) Use your precious stones and roller to self-massage, especially your face, neck and forearms. ( I especially love this idea of bringing a bit of nature inside). Do this facing away from your computer, preferably looking at either a blank wall or at a piece of wall art or photography which you are fond of. Dig around for pressure points or tight spots and voila, you will head into your next meeting renewed and with a healthy flush in your face!

  • 5) Put on a song and DANCE!! Go for it, get your groove on and dance like you know how. Choose your favorite genre or an oldie which brings back good memories of your youth. Maybe something old from Madonna, Prince, Michael or Janet Jackson. Reggae is my go-to because besides a great groove and great memories it also gives me feelings of travel and culture which is such a nice break from looking out the window at the concrete jungle in Winter.

  • 6) Put some water on to boil for tea and while waiting, grab your journal and pen and write down 5 things you are grateful for in that moment. One thing on your list might even be that you are grateful for your gratitude journal! Nothing is too simple or insignificant. The point is to experience the feelings of gratitude no matter if it's for a ferrari or for a furry friend.

  • 7) There are SO MANY HEALTH BENEFITS to oil pulling and you can do this while sitting at your computer ( preferably with your screen off). Check out how to below:

I hope these suggestions help. Implement them to improve your health and elevate your mood.

Change your day, change your life.

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