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He waited 4 months to call me.

He is the head of the diversity and inclusion committee for a very large organization but didn’t have the go ahead to inquire about what I offer because somebody above him assumed boxing was just about violence. Uninformed and completely closed minded, she was a hard no and squashed the idea entirely.

I realize that this is, unfortunately, the impression that people get from tv: that boxing is senseless and just about beating people up. Farrrrrrrrr from it. What you see on tv and sensationalized in the media is maybe 5 percent of what training for combat sport actually is.

I also accept that my toughest task will always be to point people past the punching and guide them consciously and compassionately towards the essence, the wisdom, the value of understanding conflict from a tactical position.

I help empower people and encourage them to approach life with the mindset of some of the toughest and most honorable athletes in the world. I use analogies from the boxing ring to help people understand themselves better and their position within the chaos of being human. This is important life - changing work and perspective that people need right now, to improve their lives, relationships and overall sense of self!

So now this woman is retired which means my program is back on the table. Because my new contact is open minded and willing to see past appearances ( perhaps the reason he is the head of D&I ), this gentlemen is not only giving a new group of people access to this potentially life-altering experience , but he is excited about it and anticipating the positive personal changes this can mean for the people within his organization, their families and communities ❤️

photo #tb to my first amateur ring announcing gig 2014

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