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Here to stay!

Triple A !!!

3 reasons

why my clients have been successful with my virtual 1 on 1 personal training services;

1) Accountability

▶️ the appointment still stands regardless if it is at the gym or at home in front of the computer ( with me at the other end). All my clients have to do is show up, at home 😀 workout done ✔️

2) Accessibility

▶️ no equipment, no problem.

My clients have everything they need for a complete workout plus we are sure to make our time together still fun and very effective. Our body is all the tool we need! We can always use dumbels, bands and weights but they aren’t necessary for a complete workout.

3) Affordability

▶️ my clients benefit from my 23 years of experience at only a fraction of my rate when we train online! What an incredible opportunity for both of us to maximize our time and save on commuting while making personal fitness services way more affordable!

We all know that consistency is key when striving for our personal fitness results. Having your own personal trainer online will keep you accountable, make exercise accessible while being more affordable🛎

Virtual fitness is here to stay 📍

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