Set with Yvette !

Updated: Apr 6

* Move from confusion to clarity.

* Shift from decision-fatigue to confidence.

*Go from feeling depleted to energized!

It's hard to know where to begin and what to do first. Sigh. I know.

Let me help.

Athletes know all about setting goals , and the importance of being clear. Did you know that business, life and executive coaching stems from sport psychology training?

Although I realize things still feel very unpredictable and the future uncertain, I believe it’s important to find comfort in what we can control, namely our thoughts and habits because CLARITY IS ENERGY and we all want more of that good stuff !

Are you craving meaningful change right now and feel the need to get clear about what that looks like and feels like?

Now is the time to create a well-formed vision for yourself, and I happen to know just the thing to get you started this Spring.

This workshop is a great opportunity to work with an experienced coach within a small group to give you the focus and attention that you desire and deserve right now. Let's meet your immediate needs to gain clarity on your next best steps to healthier living , thinking and being.


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