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Set with Yvette !

Updated: May 17, 2021

It’s been such a toss up ➡️ Make 2021 the year you get clear and learn how to steer yourself away from the confusion and towards your desired state of being and feeling instead ⭐️

Are you craving meaningful change in your finances or health, but you’re still not clear what that change will look like or feel like?

Maybe you are feel guilty for wanting more from life while the world is still in crisis. But deep down inside you know that your individual satisfaction still contributes to the greater good at an energetic level ♾

Or maybe you’re struggling to define clear steps to achieve what you want—living completely scattered and unfocused?

You’re stuck.

Or, at least, you feel stuck.

It’s still ok to have all these dreams for yourself, your family and your future,

All these desires,

But you’re struggling to make them happen.

You say you’ll start tomorrow...

Or next week...

Next month...

Next year?!?!

But it never happens.

Nothing ever changes.

And it’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Here’s the problem: it’s not that you haven’t been “trying hard enough”. It’s that you weren’t taught how to set PROPER goals!

Really. It’s not your fault.

Unclear, undefined, vague, and messy goals set you up for failure before you even start.

Then this workshop is for you!

Inside: Set With Yvette—this high-level 3 hour workshop—you’ll learn how to identify and set clear, defined, and achievable goals that feel right for you right now, considering everything going on in the outside World, let’s take a peek at your inside world.


☑️ How to identify what it is you REALLY want by understanding what you don't want anymore first

☑️ The real reasons why people don’t set proper goals

☑️ The 7 steps to achievable goal-setting (and how to apply them to YOUR needs)

☑️ How to create your 5 next best steps to success (aka where do I go from here?!)

☑️...and more!





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