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Speaking is hard!

It’s a lot of pressure being a #keynotespeaker especially when you really care about the outcome and want to do a great job for the client, of course.

This is me yesterday just minutes before delivering a keynote speech as the only female speaker on the bill and the last speaker of the day before lunch.

Last minute, I decided to open up my speech using my ring announcer voice introducing myself as the main event of the afternoon. Because why not add a little fun while staying on brand.

It’s a good thing that I am familiar with this level of expectation and output.

As a former competitive athlete, I learned early on to ‘trust my training’, which was actually part of my message yesterday speaking to a room full of CEO’s , Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs who are all high level thinkers interested in sustaining high levels of performance.

It's always interesting sitting inside of the stories that got me here today. I'm just working with what I have and what is possible, and so can you!

Check out my next event below.

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