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Switch your stance, now is the chance. #2021.

Precious distance measured by reach, advantage sways with who came to teach. School your opponent, this contract is not a breach. You signed on the dotted line to show up ready, now preach!!

Hard work is done, game plan is steady, For the winner we celebrate with confetti. Agreed to spit fists, twist by the wrist, turn at the shoulder. Feet shift, swift, in and out, side to side, pivot and slide. Ball of the foot, squish and screw, into the canvas.

Torque like a drill

to anchor a blow that will thrill, Pound for pound, round after round, balance and re-distribute - the weight of this pressure keeps testing, our will and our might. Ladies and gentlemen, we have us a fight!

The air is heavy: tension feels thick. The opposite of thriving we now know is sick. Time tics different here, in this arena full of fear, Confusion and chaos pollutes the atmosphere. Dangerous space between fighters - closing the gap takes courage to pounce. Timing is critical. Know when to hold'em or fold'em then bounce. Sweat drips moistly, lights are steaming and the crowd is noisy. Energy dissipates fast, best to take advantage while your opponent is gassed.

Push/pull like a dance. Choose your stance, this could be your next best chance, at glory, within your own life story. Agile and sturdy, move to the beat,

this science is oh so sweet. What is the pull that is pushing you away, from where you were when the whole world went astray?

2020 turned reckless with wild punches and haymakers, clearly separating the real ones from the fakers The ones you don't see coming - they hurt the most This past year everybody wants to ghost. The pain is real, enough loss for everyone to feel


Please show us more promise,

send us more prayers.

Give us permission to peel off the layers.

Looks like this fight is going the distance. Calling on the corner for help, To heal and soothe these wounds

we collectively felt. Mayhem and drama,

against those odds we were stacked. Question is, how do you choose to react?

Through the ropes we go! Life is like a #boxing match, didn't you know? Everything we need is inside, Where our inner fighter will always reside.

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