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The show that stole my heart

It’s where I teach: my boxing home for the last few years. It’s a place where I can bring my clients proudly and trust that we’ll always be in a positive environment and get our work in.

Interns, volunteers, staff members, coaches. All younger than me, all fresh and eager, all very very pleasant and conscious of the customer experience. And the members ❤️they get it, they bring it, they raise us.

So to watch over the last few months piece together their very first show for it to beautifully unfold the way it did last night was pure magic ✨✨ It is an incredibly complicated and brave undertaking to organize an event like this. It’s beyond simply sorting out a venue and selling tickets ... it involves matchmaking, rules and regulations and managing a lot of people in very unique roles.

Well, not only did they put it together, they CRUSHED IT!

To be a witness to this taught me once again that hard work and team work together are both undeniably the glue and keys to success. The crowd was absolute 🔥🔥 which confirms that when you give the people what they came for they give back with massive cheer and positive energy. Congratulations to all the fighters last night who stepped through those ropes and left it all in the ring! UBC team, you stole my ❤️ last night. You make me proud to announce your name in this game we call #boxing.

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