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Write-out instead of Workout?

During this time of uncertainty while social distancing due to COVID, it's so important to have a healthy outlet, or 2 or 3.

Working out and physically exercising our bodies is a great sure-fire way to mitigate stress and anxiety but how about also working in?

The great news about journaling is that it is free and accessible to all, but just like exercise, a lot of us just need the guidance, encouragement and accountability to write it out !!

QUOTE: "Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind."

- Natalie Goldberg

The benefits of journaling according to includes:

- Calming and clearing your mind

-Releasing pent-up feelings and everyday stress

-Letting go of negative thoughts

-Exploring your experiences with anxiety

-Writing about your struggles and your successes

-Enhancing your self-awareness and teaching you about your triggers

-Decreasing symptoms of various health conditions

-Improving your cognitive functioning

-Strengthening your immune system

-Examining your thoughts and shifting your perspective

-Reducing rumination and promoting action

-Planning your options and considering multiple outcomes of a situation

What you need:

- a quiet and comfortable space and preferably uninterrupted time ( I realize that is a hard ask with spouses, kids and pets at home, but if possible it's a preference for the benefit of this exercise, and they will benefit from it as a result of you being more chill )

- any sort of journal, or binder with paper. Most of us have an empty one lying around? Keep in mind that this might become your bible for the next few weeks/ months so it helps if it's pretty or sentimental.

- pens and highlighters (if you want) ...I looooooove and treasure my pens. The colour, the way they write, the way they feel in my hand....all these subtleties add to the experience

- an open heart and willingness to simply see what comes up for you

For those of you who only know the boxer-fitness Yvette, let me introduce you to the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training Yvette where I studied Holistic health for 2 years back in 2007/08.

In our group journaling sessions I will guide you using visualization techniques and prompt you with the right questions to get you streaming into consciousness.

Namaste. Now, let's put pen to paper to process.

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