Find Your Fighter

Life is like a boxing match.

When you think like a fighter,

You live as a CHAMP!


​In boxing, we say, “your toughest opponent is yourself".

But that's not the whole story.

You are your toughest opponent, yes, but you're also your absolute best asset!
When you know how to focus your energy and think like a well-trained athlete, you can become the champion of your own life.

The Masterclass.

Find Your Fighter Within is a 1.5 hour Masterclass that teaches you how to confidently face and overcome personal challenges by using cutting-edge wisdom from the boxing ring. 


In this Masterclass, Yvette will share her 3 P’s approach to living the life of a champion, taken directly from the ring which she has discovered and developed from her many years studying the art of combat.

These 3 P’s are: 

  1. Preparation 

  2. People 

  3. Performance. 

This will be a powerpoint presentation on zoom using the art storytelling, visualization techniques and thought-provoking simple journaling exercises to outline helpful analogies of the 3 P’s from the ring to life, and how you can use these examples and apply them directly to your own life’s challenges.

When you can adapt your mind to think like a highly-trained athlete, you'll learn to move through life with more focus and less resistance. 



Inside this fun and interactive Masterclass, you'll be empowered to find your metaphorical fighter from within - learning high-level mentality lessons from some of the toughest athletes in the world. 


Although the sport may appear violent, the lessons and wisdom we can find in boxing give us a helpful advantage in all areas of life. To be able to see conflict for what it is and position yourself with absolute confidence in the face of adversity, will always skew the game in your favor.

Boxing is 90 percent mental. It's more than just a physical fight - it's a balancing of mental tactics, emotional capacity, and even spiritual perspective.


When we bring this mindset into every area of our lives, we can see a direct and immediate upgrade in ourselves, our relationships, and our working environments.


In boxing, we train to stay "fight ready". This means to always be prepared for the unknown because our opponent is always unpredictable. 


In life, the opponent facing you may not be an actual person, but the everyday challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome. Prepared with a high-level of self-control, self-discipline, emotional regulation, and respect for our own power, we can now meet our "opponents" with ease.


Through this Masterclass, we'll explore the mindset and theory of this work as well as demonstrate the actual physical learnings to integrate the whole experience. 


You'll leave this class with a next-level mindset and mental advantage - increasing what you're capable of overcoming and achieving in this world.

"Find Your Fighter Within" is For...

  • College & University students looking for a powerful perspective on their career ahead.

  • Corporate environments looking to cultivate a winning mindset and healthy competitive field among their employees.

  • Executives looking to find their edge, hone their focus and stop wasting energy.

Meet Yvette, Your Facilitator (and Champion Boxer)

What Can This Masterclass Do For You and Your Company/School?

  • Learn how to be comfortable with conflict, by understanding the importance of opposition and how to negotiate an agreeable outcome for both parties


  •  Recognize resistance in yourself and others - channel that energy into a useful resource


  • Learn how to respond to life instead of react to it - one of the most widely-used concepts in combat sport that will completely transform how you show up every day in every way


  • Discover how to approach problems through the lens of a well-trained and highly-focused athlete so that you can position yourself appropriately around life's challenges 


  • Increase your confidence to face difficult times, stressful environments, and unknown situations with ease


  • Learn how to switch between detailed thinking and bigger picture thinking


  • Develop your ability to function well in a team by understanding and respecting the value of each person’s role in the game 

  • Stop wasting precious energy by learning to manage your personal stamina and endurance


  • ...and more.


Train Hard, Fight Easy.

Right now, more people than ever are searching for ways to feel confident and prepared to meet life's unexpected challenges. Adopting the high-level mindset of a champion boxer will give you the ability to adapt to all of life's struggles with ease.

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