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Find Your Fighter Within, 
The Boxing + Eldoa Women's
Weekend Retreat.


Cancelled due to.. 

An exquisite experience located 20 minutes
north of Kingston, Ontario, on Loughborough Lake

Wake up your body and sharpen your mind to go after what you want in life feeling like the fighter that you are!

Immediately feel the beauty of BLOOM upon arrival and get ready for an unforgettable weekend!


This complete experience will involve aspects taken from boxing training beyond physical workouts. We will rehearse the movements of a fighter (non contact) to get a sweet sweat by incorporating light drills and basic techniques. We will also be exercising our minds to think like a fighter so that you can leave this retreat truly feeling like the Champion of your own life.

To compliment the retreat, you’ll work with co-host Petra Baethmann, who will introduce you to the ELDOA technique which is a unique form of exercise that targets the joints of the spine, creating space and mobility between the vertebrae. This can be especially helpful for anyone dealing with back pain or stiffness. ELDOA enhances physical performance, mental clarity and calmness. You are in for an absolute treat to learn from one of the best in the business!

For the main event, grab a pen and pull up a cushy chair overlooking Loughborough Lake as Yvette walks you through her popular keynote speech which has gained attention for its unique approach to goal setting and go-getting! This will be an interactive session that will help you to uncover the areas of your life where you feel stuck and provide new insights on the goals you wish to set, the dreams you forgot you had and the deepest desires you have neglected for too long!



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With over 20 years experience teaching boxing for fitness, Yvette believes that the lessons and wisdom

we find in boxing can give you a

considerate advantage in all areas of your life


The retreat will allow plenty of space and time for you to relax, reflect and renew your sense of purpose... 

Located on over 650 acres of Canadian shield land just 20 minutes north of Kingston, BLOOM the building is newly designed and constructed, with floor-to-ceiling windows, and is mindfully oriented to have a view of the expansive lakefront from every room on the main floor: yoga space, living area, dining area and entrance. The property offers literally miles of lakefront on a very low-occupancy lake, acres of forest with hiking trails, lookout points, fire pit and outdoor dining area.

It is an oasis like you've never seen in Ontario.

You truly have to experience it for yourself. 

We can't wait to welcome you!



This retreat is for you if you: 

  • are ready to feel challenged in a way that invigorates and excites you

  • are craving inspiration to set new goals for yourself and get clear on your next steps

  • need a nurturing and enlightening experience that reminds yourself of who you are

  • are ready to gain insight into what has been holding you back from living the life that you deserve

  • want to feel spoiled, nurtured and lovingly cared for all weekend long

  • need a break from your every day life and want a stimulating environment to relax and rejuvenate

  • want to know how boxer's turn anxiety into useful energy

  • want to feel feisty, focused and fired up !

  • loved any of the Rocky movies and how they made you feel

  • want to laugh, move, cheers, relax, learn new skills and connect with other like-minded women who want the absolute best for you

  • are excited about excellent, healthy food from the earth made by expert loving hands 

  • are comfortable travelling on Winter roads 


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bloom 3_edited.jpg

what you get!

~ 2 nights of luxurious accommodations includes a cozy bed, linens, towels and cleansing lotion.

~ All nutritious, filling and delicious vegetarian meals included and carefully crafted by a selected chef! Meals will be served buffet style and shared as a group in the beautiful dining area overlooking Loughbourough lake.

~ Approx 8 hours worth of workshops, training and learning ~ Schedule is subject to change.

~ Expert instruction on the principles and techniques of boxing and The Eldoa Method.

~ Leisure time to use the facilities, lazily gaze out the vast windows by the fire, access a wide variety of books, go for a winter hike on the grounds or simply take your free time to indulge in a nap.

~ Momentum in the right direction = Priceless!
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How TO 

Join the waitlist here to be the first to find out about our next date!

Don't know if this retreat is right for you?
Book a call with Yvette who will answer all your questions.


What participants are Saying!

Select a room ~ bring a friend or attend solo and leave with new friends!


Single Occupancy

Queen Bed

Beautiful Forest or Lake View

Includes ensuite bath

$1595 + tax

bloom 9.jpg

Shared Double Occupancy.

2 Singles.

Upper Level

Beautiful Forest or Lake View

Includes ensuite bath

$1150 + tax

per person

Interest Form

Shared Double Occupancy.

2 Singles.

Lower Level.

Includes ensuite bath

$1050 + tax

per person

bloom 12.jpeg

Shared Bunk Room Quad

Notably the most comfortable beds in the house!

Includes ensuite bath.

$850 + tax

per person

bloom king lower.jpeg

Private King Bed Lower Level

Includes ensuite bath

$1495 + tax

per person

Do I need to bring my own boxing gloves?
  • Yes. Although the boxing element is non contact, participating with gloves on is an important part of the experience. You can purchase high quality gloves from Yvette at wholesale price for $50
Do I need previous experience in either boxing or Eldoa?
  • No experience necessary. We love newbies!
Will I go hungry? Should I bring snacks just in case?
  • You can bring snacks if that makes you feel better but we can assure you that no one goes hungry at BLOOM. Food is plentiful and seconds are welcomed.
What does ELDOA stand for?
  • "Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire" or "Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretches"
Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
  • If you prefer your own but BLOOM has high quality mats for our use as well as blankets and bolsters if needed

Yvette Raposo 

A former fighter and Ontario Champion, Yvette's legacy is as a boxing entrepreneur, teacher and speaker to the benefits of boxing training used as a life-learning tool. +20 years of her life has been devoted to studying fighting and fitness, and everything in between.

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Petra Baethmann

Petra has been teaching movement for health to a variety of clientele for 20+years.


She founded Sphinx Pilates+ELDOA Studio in 2006. 

Petra is one of a select group of ELDOA Teacher Trainers worldwide who trains fitness and health professionals in this revolutionary back health method created by world renowned French Osteopath Guy VOYER, DO.

Petra's authenticity, passion for sharing information, her sense of humour, empathy and technical expertise make training with her enjoyable and highly rewarding.

Headshot 2 Petra Canfitpro.png

Meet Your


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