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Find Your Fighter Within - The Retreat Group

Private·12 Fighter Finders!


May as well start getting excited about our upcoming exquisite weekend together by getting to know each other here!

If you have been invited to this group it means you have committed to attending the FYFW (find your fighter within) retreat 😁 Participation in this group is not mandatory but imagine how cool it will be when we all pull up to BLOOM on November 24, and already have a friendly foundation built?

I trust this is going to be a powerful, inspiring, deeply loving, supportive, fun and funny group of gals > I absolutely can't wait to gather with this group which is already filling up with some pretty cool and interesting women!

You are here because you are open - you are ready - you are seeking and so are all the other women in this group :-)

How to use this group:

- Introduce yourself and tell us a) where you are at generally in life b) what intrigued you about this retreat and c) what results you are looking for from the weekend experience?

- look out for my posts and prompts that relate to our upcoming retreat

-stay excited .......


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  • January 2, 2023


  •  Yvette Raposo

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