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Breaking free from workouts that do more harm than good.

In 2022, I'm breaking free from workouts that hinder and do harm!

Exercise and fitness is supposed to support ALL our systems, not just the muscular system.

Think about your endocrine system (hormones), cardiovascular system,

yes the immune system of course and even the digestive system benefits from movement which increases blood flow in the body carrying nutrients throughout! Although most relevant right now, is regulating our nervous system through exercise NOT making it more frazzled than it already is as a result of exercise.

Movement is meant to be do-able so that you can progress and THAT’S how you get stronger ( and prevent injury).

With strength comes confidence and overall optimization of health. THAT is fitness, in my opinion. It’s so exhausting to see all these rules & plans & programs when it comes to fitness it’s no wonder that people are in a state of paralysis by analysis and not doing anything at all!

Even worse: the bodies and movements that are shown to us as the ideal.

Unattainable I say!!!

Especially when the photos are shopped and chopped and some of the bodies are surgically altered or jacked on PED’s!

What people do with their bodies is their business and I respect their personal choices. I’ve been in this business long enough to know that there is plenty of room for all of us I just have a problem with when it’s presented as the ideal when it’s not even real and people can’t decipher the difference.

So, I’m putting the fun back into fitness. It’s been a damn hard couple of years and we need to entirely enjoy the health that we do have + improve on what we can without stressing about what we look like. How does that feel?? I’m meeting my clients where they are at. The way it should be.

Shoutout to all the trainers out there doing the work. Our expertise, experience and empathy is needed more than ever.

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