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Female Boxing Ring Announcer

Something really important is happening here on this canvas, in the Squared Circle and it’s beyond boxing.

For those of you who don’t know, the role of a Ring Announcer in boxing is very traditionally played by a male. Just google it. Try to find many or ANY other women doing this right now and I’d love to know about it and congratulate her too. ( shoutout to Amy Hayes who was just inducted into the national hall of fame for her unique longtime work 👏)

What started out as an ambition to advance my own career has morphed into something else. I hope I can contribute to the sport in a different way by reflecting a society where any qualified voice is welcome.

I’m not entirely sure if the sport of boxing is ready for a Professional Female Ring Announcer but I know for certain the crowd is. Although I have work to do and there is always room for improvement, people are really enjoying the shift. I know because they are telling me.

Huge credit to United Boxing Promotions for recognizing the shift. Not only do I get to do my thing in the ring but together we are building the fan base. So super smart!!!

Because you know what ?! Women want to see other women in there and we love boxing too. This is bigger than me and better then I imagined. I’m doing this for the sport but the real impact is on all those people male and female who’ve told me ‘I love what you’re doing’! See you again at the fights 🛎 #womensboxing #femaleringannouncer

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