Reset with Yvette

 A Mind/Body


Your ticket to self-care & personal empowerment !

Why Reset with Yvette Online Program?


This Spring, lighten the load for more pure consistent energy, the way life should be enjoyed!

Reset with Yvette is a personal development program unlike most in that its focus is on the body as well as the mind. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on our daily lives, physical and mental health have now become more important than ever.

Reset with Yvette Program Benefits

✓  Take part from the comfort of your own home

✓  Integrative theory lessons with real impact and AHA moments which are priceless


✓  Keep mentally strong & clear with consistent guidance during this uncertain & unprecedented time

✓  Reset your mind & body

✓  Learn useful concepts that will stick with you forever and improve your life indefinitely 

✓  Learn how to set goals properly and reach them realistically

✓  Find out exactly what is the problem and get unstuck! 

✓  Support & accountability in a safe, non-judgmental fashion

✓  Receive an introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)–a psychological approach as it pertains to human behavior, motivation and goal setting)

Reset with Yvette Program: Who It's For?


  • This fitness program is designed for women of all ages who appreciate the importance of both physical and mental health.


  • Ready for change? Feeling frustrated enough with running the same patterns? Want to get unstuck?

  • You are willing to do the uncomfortable emotional work if necessary, to get out of the problem box and move into living from positivity & possibility! 

  • What we require is an open mind and commitment to doing the homework assigned.

Reset with Yvette Program: What do I need?


The beauty of this online program lies in the fact that all you need is your body, your mind, a journal and a computer with a Zoom account. Simple and easy!

Program Modules:

Week 1 - What is the Problem ?

Week 2 - What is important about what is important to you?

Week 3 - The transformation process.

Week 4 - Let's get clear! 

Week 5 - Design a compelling future....

Week 6 - 

Reset with Yvette Fitness Program Details



       February 13 - March 20, 2021 = 1st day of SPRING!


  6 weeks.

What Time?

Saturdays 9:15 -11a.m. 

(live presentation & integrative exercises plus Q&A)


Mondays at 7 -8:00p.m.

(recap & basic movement session)

What You Get

✓  6 mindset training presentations on Zoom + guided integrative exercises. Final Saturday check-in session.

All virtually live. Group sharing and Q & A included!

*personal sharing is not required 

✓  5 Monday basic movement sessions to integrate the mindset piece and anchor your results.

✓  Carefully curated tasks for homework to specifically integrate the lessons and anchor your results. The real magic of change lies within accountability to the group. 

✓  Ongoing support in the private Facebook group for the duration of the program + appropriate resources shared specifically for this unique group. Huge Value! 

✓  Capped group size and specific to female only participants (8 people maximum ) means more individual attention and a deeper authentic experience

✓  Goal setting guidance


This program is meant for those who know they are ready for something different, but simply don't know where to begin.

The powerful content and transformative information is not therapy, but certainly has therapeutic effects.  

*please book your 20 min consultation call with Yvette to ensure this program is right for you at this time. 

*payment by email transfer to

Please note: details of the program are subject to change

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Being part of this group of amazing women has helped me so much through this crazy and challenging time!  


It was truly a pleasure meeting everyone and hearing all of your inspiring stories.


Thank you so much Yvette for pouring yourself into this program and for your guidance and support. I am not the same person that I was 5 weeks ago and the future feels so full of real attainable possibility. Sending you all much love.

Yvette is so lovely to work with and I love how supporting and caring she is. I had quite a few 'aha' moments during this program and, within the 5 weeks, I was able to see a clear shift in the way I think about things.


For me this journey started with a focus on "weight-loss", but I ended up with so much more. I feel super empowered and I have confidence that I can achieve the goals I set for myself. This is huge for me, as I have struggled with confidence all of my life.


I recommend this program to anyone who is open to shifting their perception and using that as momentum to achieve their goals.

The time spent  doing this program was well worth it!


I believe that the opportunity to explore our physical, mental and spiritual state is extremely beneficial especially when you are in need of a bit of direction.


I would recommend this program to others as it provides the foundation to start learning more about yourself.

I entered this program stressed, uneasy and tired.


To my surprise, I was immediately energized after our first session.


Learning in a safe space allowed me to open up and connect with others when I really needed some self care.


This program should be part of a school curriculum.


Thank you Yvette, I will be back for more!

This program was exactly what I needed to kickstart my mental wellbeing.


The concepts and exercises provided me with much needed clarity and a renewed sense of purpose and vision.


I went from feeling powerless to knowing that I have all the tools I need to make lasting changes in my life.


I have already seen the impact of the program and can’t wait for the next level!