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Reset with Yvette

A 6 week small group

fitness program designed to 

shift your thoughts 

in order to

 shape your body.

Your hope for a better way is right here with the support you need right now!

Yvette Raposo Fitness Coach Personal Tra

Why Reset with Yvette Online Program?


Because you are tired of your own repetitive fitness cycles that aren't working and are craving something different and deeper that delivers long lasting results.

Reset with Yvette Program Benefits

✓  Shift from physical exhaustion and mental anguish to immediately feeling energized and motivated! 

✓  Learn useful fitness and mindset concepts that will stick with you forever and improve your life indefinitely


✓  Great opportunity to work directly with Yvette who, over her 20 year career, has helped hundreds of women to transform their lives and get a grip on their mental health & fitness combined.  

✓  Reset your mind & body within the same program, 2 for 1 :-)

✓  Participate from the comfort of your own home with a small group of women going on the same journey as you for a shared unique experience. 

✓  Learn how to set personal goals properly and reach them realistically.

✓  Clearly recognize your own start/stop patterns and get out of that cycle with confidence

✓  Be so proud of yourself for making this 6 week commitment to your mental & physical health - priceless. 

✓  Integrate everything you learn with homework instructions and tasks that are specifically designed for this unique group experience - priceless! 

Reset with Yvette Program. 

Who It's For? Women who: 


  •  Understand the importance of both physical and mental health and appreciate the value of investing in themselves.

  • Need to commit to something positive and productive right now with other like-minded, smart and brave women on a similar journey.


  • Feel frustrated enough to want to change something in their lives and need the loving support to start  and continue.

  • Have tried "everything" before with workouts and diets and still feels like she knows nothing.                  

  • Need to hand over the reigns and simply show up to be guided in trust.  

  • Are willing to do the uncomfortable emotional work if necessary, to get out of their problem box and move into the field of positivity and possibility !

  • Are open-minded and willing to do the assigned journaling homework for best results

  • Want to feel empowered, accomplished and relaxed all at the same time.

Reset with Yvette Program: What do I need?


All you need is your willing body, open mind and full heart to participate.

You will also require a computer with a Zoom account and your favorite journal to write in.

Simple and easy!

Program Modules:

Week 1 - What's the Problem ?

Week 2 - Values - they are what motivate us. What are yours exactly?

Week 3 - Beliefs & the Unconscious Mind - Transformation begins.

Week 4 - Language & Identity  The power of words. Choose wisely.

Week 5 - Designing a well-formed outcome using a specific procedure 

Week 6 - Timeline exercise...stepping into your own compelling future.

Reset with Yvette Fitness Program Details

       Next Round TBD


  6 weeks.

What Time?

Saturdays 9:30 -11a.m.
(live virtual mindset sessions plus Q&A )
Mondays at 7 -8:00p.m.
(live virtual movement session)

What You Get

✓  6 mindset training presentations on Zoom + guided integrative exercises. Final Saturday check-in session.
All virtually live. Group sharing and Q & A included!
*personal sharing is not required 

✓  5 Monday movement sessions to integrate the mindset piece and anchor your results. Bodyweight workouts at home, no equipment necessary.

✓  Carefully curated tasks for homework to specifically integrate the lessons and anchor your results. The real magic of change lies within accountability to yourself and the group. 

✓  Ongoing support in the private Facebook group for the duration of the program + appropriate resources shared specifically for this unique group. Huge Value! 

✓  Capped group size and specific to female only participants (8 people maximum ) means more individual attention and a deeper authentic experience

✓  Recordings will be available for missed sessions. You will have 72 hours to catch-up before the next session

    $ 960.50 (all taxes and fees included)
*details are subject to change
*please book your 20 min consultation call with Yvette to ensure this program is right for you at this time. 

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