Efficient thinking for Effective action with a Champion Boxer + an important Bruce Lee quote.

Updated: Feb 7

The legendary Bruce Lee gave us more than movies and martial arts, he also left us with this bang-on quote ~

"A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at".

Remember, the whole point of setting goals is to dream, imagine what's possible and create the vision of what it all could look like! And yes, you can have it all, when your aspirations match your evolving mindset.

Have you ever heard yourself say:

"I'll be happy when I have the perfect body" and "I'll start that thing after this and that"?....

So, are you there yet?

As a former undefeated competitive athlete and award winning speaker, I can tell you that we never really arrive anyways. It's human nature to course correct and even, change our minds about what we want along the way. When we do achieve that goal or accomplish that thing - by then we want more anyways. It's never enough and we are never fully satisfied.


The key is to think efficiently so that action can be effective. This ultimately saves us time, energy and from risk of burnout which can lead to injury, especially when pursuing our fitness goals. In boxing we say, "pick your punches". This means don't waste precious energy on an untimely punch. Be precise, be prepared ~ be efficient to be effective!!

When considering setting fitness goals, the benefit of having vision is to get into state, create momentum and move you in a forward direction. Be clear on what you want and exactly what it looks like ( how does that feel?) so that you can be efficient in the process of getting there. Remember though, arriving is not the ultimate purpose - moving effectively is, and the progress is in the process.

You are exactly in the right body, at the right time moving in the right direction.

So check your vision and set your sights on what's possible, because only you can make the process as simple as it needs to be. Oh yes, and, PICK YOUR PUNCHES WISELY!


Feel Inspired Immediately~ Reduced stress and anxiety~ Better Decision Making & Creative Thinking ~Play & Perform through life ~ Improved Time Management ~ Focus & Direction ~ Overcome Distractions and Procrastination ~ Boost Motivation & Enthusiasm ~ Able to achieve goals and dreams ```~ Create Momentum & Progress ~ Improved Work & Life balance ~ Experience more Joy, Purpose, Fulfillment, Happiness

As I always like to say, "Think like a Fighter & Live as a Champion"!
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