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Covid Success Story!

We learn through stories and feel inspired by others' transformation. Here is Laura's:

March 2020 when the national news hit that those of us who could, would be working from home for an undetermined amount of time, Laura reached out to me asking for help. She didn’t know what kind of support she needed at that time but the reality of remotely working in a demanding job with 2 young kids at home hit hard.

I remember our first session on zoom, we didn’t even exercise, we just talked. I requested in advance for her to be prepared to journal, something she had never done before or even considered as a way to ground herself. I asked her what she needed to feel most at this time in her life, during this shocking transition. We dug a little deeper using NLP techniques and some visualization until she came up with: PEACE. She didn’t just want peace in her life or in her home but she decidedly wanted to feel peace in her own heart.

We continued on with our weekly zoom sessions instilling, anchoring and embodying what peace meant to her through movement practices, more journaling and lots of explorative conversation. She became immediately autonomous with her own exercise regime outside of our sessions after being inconsistent and non-committal for so long previous to pandemic times. She began meditating every single morning ( and still does) which still amazes and inspires me every week when we meet. She also took up running as a way to keep her head clear. She realized that she had access to everything she needed in pursuit of her inner peace simply with her 2 feet and a heart beat 💗

  • So she bought the shoes.

  • She sought out professional advice from the running clinic.

  • She got the acupuncture when she needed it.

  • She focused on her recovery as much as the exercise itself ( so key).

  • She got up, got out and clocked in when she said she would.

MAY 2021 - she told me that she signed up for her first 1/2 marathon.
Together we paced out her training appropriately so that she could enjoy the journey in good health while maintaining her strength all the way.

OCTOBER 17 2021 ▶️ SHE DID IT 🏅

Being witness to Laura’s progress reminded me of so many things I’ve seen before and experienced myself, but it's always SUCH an honor to be invited into somebody else’s corner in between rounds for the real hard stuff. To be a coach also means I have the privilege to sit ringside to cheer gleefully and clap madly🗣🗣🗣 Without my clients, I can’t coach OR cheer!

Here is the really cool part which Laura might not even realize but I certainly noticed: this was NEVER about how she looked or what size jeans she could squeeze into. Her body image never even came up in conversation because we were always too busy mapping out her mind while aligning her heart! Although her body transformed as a result of her training, it was the feeling that kept her motivated and moving. It was this sense of accomplishment that mattered to her most and that feeling of pride when her sons watched mommy become stronger day by day and more confident with every stride so that they too could be strong and confident when led by example.

Laura showed me once again that ▶️ journaling, visualization plus putting a plan into motion works ONLY WHEN YOU DO!!!

She put in the work and I think it’s safe to say that Laura found the peace inside she was looking for, and so much more.

** I have full permission from Laura to share this picture and story with hopes that it will encourage you to begin with just one step ✨

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