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How boxing can help you during COVID

When COVID hit and stopped life as we knew it, I felt that one of the most important resources to help people stay strong and positive during this uncertain time, was working out. As well as offering online fitness classes, I also wanted to add something just as important to mental health and processing this traumatic time: writing-it-out.

Here is one of our guided group journaling sessions which I mastermind and facilitate each week. This particular theme, was #boxing related meant for the writer to imagine themselves as a fighter facing adversity. Take your time with the questions....use visualization as much as possible and really put your self in the situation:

#1) Identify a decision you are facing right now, or a pivot point, or fork in the road that you are grappling with at this stage in the game?

#2) Remember a time when you had to fight for something/someone or prepare for something so intensely that it felt like an actual opponent? Go into that memory...

- how did you know this was something/someone worth fighting for?

- what was important to you about this fight?

- how did you do it? what happened?

- where did the fight come from within you?

- how did that feel?

- what resources did you draw on, pull out, use?

- what was the timeline from beginning to end?

- who was on your team during that time ?

- what did they do for you?

- what was the final outcome? was it what you were expecting? were you surprised by anything about the results?

- what did you learn about winning/losing?

#3) Imagine now, you are preparing for a boxing match. You have a date set, an opponent picked and a coach by your side. How much do you want to know about your opponent?

Or would you rather sharpen your own strengths and fight your own fight ?

What is your fight song entering into the ring?

What is your ring name? Mine was Yvette "Wrek'N Ball" Raposo.

On the night of the fight,…..who is part of your entourage?? during the ring walk….who is in the crowd? who is in your corner ? Who has been there with you and for you all through training camp?

You are approaching the ring…..stepping through the ropes….you are so ready…..what are you fighting for??

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

THIS is your affirmation…reflect on how you answered the above question "what are you fighting for"? How does your answer help clarify question #1?

Write and reflect.....whatever comes up and out, is perfect the way it is.

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