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Stay strong at home.

As the weeks go by during this period of time in #COVID lockdown, I am very mindful about how our fitness requirements could be different from last week or last month. From one workout to the next, you may go from wanting to bust shit up to simply just being in your body moving slowly, yet deeper. I encourage you to pay attention,

be aware what your body (and mind) needs with every workout class and in your own personal movement sessions. Remember, life has completely and drastically changed for all of us, so then, should the idea of our workout change?

Perhaps this life shift has also changed your posture?? Are you suddenly sitting at a different desk (at home) which is not ergonomically designed for you?? Are you hunched over in awkward positions trying to share the computer with your child as you help him/ her with homeschooling? Are you sitting/ lying on the couch or in your bed for longer periods of time, probably in a bad position?? Let's revisit what #fitness looks like right now and how it can serve us best. You know I love a good brain busting body blasting boxing shredder which is truly fitting and appropriate right now for a lot of people who want to bust a move. Also keep in mind balancing the yang with the yin using grounding movements, mobility, flexibility, gripping and core digging with a wee bit of conditioning exercises in order to adapt and continue to build deeper body awareness and connection to the earth (let's say our yoga mat or floor represents the earth).

Stay strong at home xoxo

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