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The best fans!

Reason number 1 MILLION why we love boxing between the ropes and beyond the sport - camaraderie 👈 Not only did we witness history being made On April 30 2022,

by 2 females headlining the card in front of a sold out card at the Mecca of boxing, Madison Square Garden in New York, we also were in the mix between 2 groups of fans who demonstrated the true spirit of support regardless of the outcome. They flew in from Ireland to chant for Katie Taylor. They came in from Puerto Rico to sing and bang their drums for Amanda Serrano. It was a chorus of excitement, anticipation and appreciation that could be felt from pillar to post and from all 4 corners of the World. The energy from the mixed audience felt like a tidal wave of pride and emotion surfacing and transforming into a force is only recognizable now upon reflection of such a magical night. The fans understood the importance of this moment. They rose to the occasion just like both fighters did, to make this memorable exactly for what it was. #herstoy I heard from an inside source that there were no reported incidents from outside the ring that night. Everybody got along regardless if they didn’t agree with the decision. The fighters showed respect for each other even though it was such a tough task to pick one winner. This is the boxing I know and love. It is a universal language perfectly translated through pure passion. We can relate to one another because we have one common thread that continues to bring us together, under one roof to share the same experience which on April 30, 2022, proved to simply be a great night of boxing providing us with possibly the fight of the year. Regardless of gender, this was important for the whole sport. The fighters delivered with talent, intelligence and the kind of elite execution that confirms just how much beauty can be found in the sweet science when you look for it. Hats off to the fans. Without them, there is no us❤️

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