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U of T - Here we GROW!

Updated: Jan 7

It’s a tough sell initially. Most institutions or organizations immediately assume danger when I suggest ( non contact) boxing lessons as a way to boost confidence and encourage camaraderie among peers.

Huge shoutout to University of Toronto for seeing the value and benefit of this boxing movement & mindset program even before the first sound of the bell 🔔The results speak for themselves, over and over again. I hear amazing testimonials every single session how boxing training helps people develop focus and clarity while building important life skills and having fun!!

What happens here is way beyond boxing and so much more than punching.

Now heading into the 10th semester of running this popular program, here is a rundown of the results over time and the feedback that keeps coming in!

They could have been anywhere ( pictured above) last summer and they chose to be right here in the beautiful Goldring facility for all 6 weeks of the boxing & conditioning program at University of Toronto which ended on August 10TH 2022! They learned new skills. They stretched their minds. They challenged themselves. They showed up for themselves and for others every single time, with stern focus, deep respect and full appreciation. They laughed, they worked, they asked questions, they communicated with each other through movement > they moved with purpose and intention…. They made new friends ❤️❤️❤️ They sure make a coach really really darn proud !!! I asked one student “ what was your main takeaway from this program”? She said “the importance of overall confidence and the philosophy/ mindset bits “😳 Boxing training built this….🧱

Onto the Fall 2022 sessions where we introduce our first Level 2 Boxing program to satisfy the demand for those students who want to continue with the sweet science.

“This class is the only thing getting me through this semester”, says one of my U of T boxing students in the middle of the Fall 2022 semester session which coincided with a very intense exam and study schedule.

"It is so great that we have a boxing class in between 2 of my exams" says another student who recognizes the importance of clearing his mind by moving his body in a meaningful way.

Boxing drills develop coping skills.



Only 1 out of 10 students mentioned weight loss as one of the results they achieved from taking this 10 week boxing program.

( not all students were present on this last night of classes due to exams). He lost 8 pounds throughout the course of this program ( over 12 weeks because we had 2 weeks off). At the end of each semester, I ask each student what they gained / learned from this experience. All the other comments I heard tonight were about their improved feelings and abilities. Their observations about their experience went deeper than esthetics. So interesting and awesome: “ I never knew I could be athletic” “ I feel more confident walking down the street” “ My skating abilities have improved in hockey because of the footwork drills we do in boxing “ “ I never realized how close boxing movements relate to my basketball game” “ I am so proud of myself for sticking through with this program because I didn’t think I could in the beginning” “The mental focus boxing requires has helped me in my everyday life” “ This class helped me get through a grueling semester of school work” “ I realized how slow my reaction time is and that I need to work on that” “ I felt relaxed in class and it was a good outlet for me” “ it was cool to meet other people and have fun with my peers” “ I am more aware of my body and how it can move” “ I want to continue ……” said many of them. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part. Some of them continue on to level 2 next semester. At least I know the rest of them had a great first experience with boxing training. They now have new knowledge about themselves that nobody can ever take away from them.


Check out these faces!!

And the focus

Oh so much FUN.

Our 9th straight semester of the Boxing Movement & Mindset Program just completed the week of Nov 6

at the University of Toronto.

They signed up and they showed up, for themselves ~ and for one another.

Yet again, their feedback went way beyond the punching. These students found a much deeper part of themselves through the wisdom of boxing training,

which would not be possible without partner work

and the willingness to learn

from one another.

We can only find out what we are made of through our opponents ~ through adversity and intimidation and by challenging ourselves to step up and square off with hands up, ready face that which fears us most!

Boxing training is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, the truth!!


Proud boxing coach here

repping true blue!

Somehow wearing this branded jacket makes it feel more official even though we are now 9 consecutive semesters deep of running this program!


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