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What is in your toolbox?

Setting goals for the New Year is tricky right now.

We are all having a unique experience during these uncertain times which could involve internal discomfort based on external circumstances. Inner conflict, confusion, anxiety and probably some amount of fear associated with what's ahead.

When we consider setting goals, this requires looking ahead to the future, which is hard to do when we feel so stuck in the present moment. Before 2021 flips the calendar with all the New Years resolutions that comes with that, I invite you to look at what's the problem right now, in your life, in your space, and what tools do you need to get you moving in the right direction.

Perhaps consider what has worked for you in the past?

Part of this process is also checking in with what's NOT working and what you need to let go of, including what's upstairs in your mind. Old ideas, limiting beliefs and anxious thoughts which consumes the mind.

Time to discard of some stuff in order to make room for new shiny tools. When we understand what is not working is when we can start to catch glimpses of what is possible. And that is a more useful state to be in when setting specific and realistic goals

Examples of new tools:

- personal development books

- supportive like-minded people in your circle

- meditation or fitness tracking apps

- an online group to hold you accountable

- keeping a food journal

- a 10 minute morning ritual revolving around grounding exercises

- inspiring music or #Youtube videos which helps immediately shift your mindset, when you need a boost.

Be patient with the process. It's worth the work.

Sending my best.

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