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Who are you right now?

🍃With everything going on in the World, we seem to be at a place in time where everybody’s priorities have shifted suddenly and indefinitely.

🍃What used to be important seems so distant. Certain things and old ideas are totally insignificant right now compared to what we are going through. Priorities are personal but the focus is Universal.

🍂This is a global shift: finances, health, safety, security, housing needs, the importance of relationships and connection, mental health and thoughts about the future are paramount during within vortex of change.

🍃feelings of uncertainly bring up a lot of questions and confusion around what we are supposed to be doing and who are we supposed to believe?

🍂But we are more than what we do. We are more than our acts and behaviour. It’s who we are and what we have inside that is going to determine how we get through this time and come out the other end.

🌪The labels I have given myself over time include fighter/boxer, personal trainer, ring announcer, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend....but I am much more than these roles: ✨✨✨I am a powerful spiritual being having a human experience ✨✨✨ and I truly believe that so are you 💛

🍁The ability to see past the chaos and sit in our own faith allows us to come back home to ourselves. When we ask ourselves powerful questions like what is truly pure and important in life, the meaning of things change and our motivation redirects itself towards a more aligned vision of the future we want to experience.

🌱Be curious. Take time to find out. It’s an inside job and it’s worth the work. The most powerful way we can contribution to the World right now, is to develop ourselves.

🌪Strengthen our bodies, empower our minds, acknowledge our emotions, heal our relationships and cleanse our beautifully unique spirits. When we do all of this, it gives others permission to do the same creating a ripple effect ~~~Be the change, it begins within~~~

🍂🍃So who are you really and what is truly important to you ? 🌓🌏

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