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Wow that was COLD 🥶

This past weekend was about more than just submerging ourselves into the cold lake neck deep for 2 full minutes.

It was about trust, preparation, building strength, collective energy, supporting each other and letting go of our own stories around fear.

None of it possible without proper coaching from Dan Coniglio And Bree Greig + nature’s profound whispers of wisdom.

@bloomholisticretreat just opened this year, North of Kingston Ontario and this is just the beginning of many more transformations to come 🌸

Thank you to all the lovely people working tirelessly to maintain this precious land, forage for our food and who prepared an excellent and nutritious menu all weekend long and to those who sanitized all surfaces. This is a very special place, I hope you can experience it for yourself.

We came, we connected, we conquered!! What a treat to experience this with 20 perfect strangers who now share this bond that can’t be broken ❤️

Shake hands with the cold.

Instructions from Dan as he notices I'm about to freak out while entering the November lake water.

Don’t resist - embrace.

This whole experience reminded me of my time in boxing: The cold November lake water was my opponent and we were scheduled to go 2 minutes, toe to toe, just like a round in women’s boxing.

It didn’t matter what intentions the lake had for me just as much as it didn’t matter what my opponents’ game plan was on fight night - what mattered most was how I managed myself, my thoughts, my reaction to a perceived threat and how much I trusted my training !!

3 things got me through these 2 minutes ;

- trust in my training ( we prepped for this experience beforehand with hours of yoga, breathing techniques and a PowerPoint presentation) - breathwork - coaching and peer encouragement

We don’t have to do hard things alone. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

If YOU are ready, I am planning to host my own retreat at this magical place in the New Year, stay tuned!!

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